Imagine Local People Reaching Global Goals

Mobilise people, fund social innovation projects and report the impact. Realise global goals locally with innovation workshops and a digital dashboard from the Ladder.


Live data on social innovation projects

As a government or enterprise, easily explore and fund sustainability projects that target global goals locally.


Innovation projects to mobilise people

Direct action workshops called ‘Sprints’ make it easy to target a specific local problem, ideate, develop solutions, prototype and test solutions with real people.

The place for newboarn innovators

Imagine you have a project group of seven professionals with skills in design, marketing, analytics, two facilitators, and a real non-profit organisation or a local community to collaborate with for six workshops. This is ‘Sprint’.

Week 1 – Strategy

Learn to envision local opportunities in global problems, map the people and prioritise.

Week 2 – Ideation

Learn the principles of divergent thinking and silent, yet effective group ideation.

Week 3 – Planning

Learn to reach a consensus in a multidisciplinary group.

Week 4 – Prototyping

Learn to communicate and validate ideas quickly and cheaply.

Week 5 – User Testing

Learn a structured approach for getting feedback from target audiences.

Week 6 – Roadmapping

Learn to synthesise user feedback into insights and define clear next steps.

Get certified with the Ladder Innovation Academy

Become an innovation professional.

Professional Facilitator

The certification includes professional mentoring and 6 weeks of training. Paid.

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Community Facilitator

The certification includes 30 weeks of training and peer-to-peer mentoring. Free if you commit all 30 weeks.

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Sprinter for the Goals

Learn innovation by doing. Free forever.

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Effective collaboration for global goals

As a state, city, enterprise or a philanthropic fund, make smart decisions about local contributions to global goals.

One number that matters to funders

With the Ladder dashboard, you clearly see how local innovations impact Sustainable Development Goals targets and Social Progress Index.

Transparent accounting for communities

Communities easily report how each social innovation project is growing, what results are delivered, who is contributing how many hours and what assets are created by who.


Prioritise towns and cities.


Discover and fund local innovators.


Fund causes or entire SDGs.


View roadmaps, targets and tasks.







Reach strategic goals with more confidence

Enterprises, non-profit organisations and governments solve strategic challenges and create new products and services that contribute to global goals with the Ladder innovation services.

Sprint Facilitation

Rapidly test new ideas with our professional facilitators.

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Product Development

Develop apps and software with our product teams.

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SDG Audits

Evaluate CSR policies with our analytics teams.

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SDG Education

Raise awareness about SDGs with our impact teams.

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Trusted by 10+ social impact organisations

Social impact organisations in Ireland who completed Sprints with the Ladder.


We exist to help nations reach Sustainable Development Goals targets.

Our target is 425 innovation communities that run 17,000 sprints by 2025.


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