Become a Design Sprint Facilitator

€100 p/level

Learn how to manage a team of enthusiastic innovators. Provide the team with a structured process to help alleviate conflict & extract the best solutions to difficult challenges. Deliver Impact Projects fast.

Reasons to Apply

  • Existing facilitator or team leader wanting to expand your skillset.
  • New role that requires you to manage teams
  • Seeking a new career path working with collaborative teams to deliver Impact.
  • Helping to accelerate action on the Global Goals though your organization or community.

What are we offering?

  • Learn Design Sprint alongside an experienced Facilitator.
  • Blended course. Studio & Online
  • Helping teams with Problem Framing, Extracting the best ideas, building a Prototype & Testing it with real people.
  • Work on Sustainable and impact project for society & the environment.
  • Add projects to your resume and personal profiles. Building your Sustainability Impact Profile.
  • 3 Levels of growth as a Design Sprint facilitator. LEARN – LEAD – TRAIN 18 WEEK PROGRAM

What’s in it for me? 

  • Full Project Cycle Participation on a Real Projects. 1 Night per week for 6 Weeks per Level.
  • Develop your Team Leadership, Critical Thinking & Conflict Management Skills…
  • A Safe environment to Learn & Practice Design Sprint
  • Support from an Experienced Facilitator on your team.
  • Access to On-line line course materials
  • The Opportunity to Accelerate projects with the potential to positively impact Society & The Enviromement