Solve big challenges, build new services and design products – rapidly.

Compress months into days with a structured 4 day structured innovation workshop online or in your workplace to align your team, solve a problem and build a ‘do’ roadmap.  Workshops are held contiguously or over a number of weeks

Get a validated prototype with insights from real users in days – not weeks.

Why design Sprint?

If money, time and resources are tight, a sprint will help you build the right service or product for the right people for the right time.

If you want to bring design thinking into your culture and give your team the skills to make change happen.

If your team is not fully aligned. If you want to reduce  the risk of failure,  building the wrong thing or solving for the wrong problem. A design sprint  through the 6-step design thinking process, will mitigate key risks.

How does it work

Sprints are guided by a facilitator for your team of 4+, step by step. No experience  or design knowledge required. Workshop exercises ensure everyone contributes while minimizing debate.

A Sprint runs 3-4 days consecutively OR once a week for 6 weeks – depending on your scheduling needs. Shorter workshops and Design Thinking Jams also available.

What's it like?

Listen to participants at a recent Ladder Jam with NUI Galway (a weekend-long sprint). Participants talk about sharing a vision, thinking differently and the sheer enthusiasm they felt in ‘doing’ design thinking.

The Outcome

Design Sprints deliver real results. The goal is to rapidly solve a problem and validate a solution using proven design thinking frameworks. You will have a validated solution and a roadmap ready to roll.

  1. Complete prototype of your solution
  2. Insights from validation with real users
  3. End to end documentation to begin the next stage of development
  4. A 6 week, 6 month optimized roadmap detailing who, what, where and when — based on actual user testing insights.
  5. An aligned team – priceless.

Why The Ladder?

#1 Design Sprint community. We host the largest design sprint community in the world, with groups in the Ireland, the UK and South America.
Experienced. We’ve helped over forty organizations – cities, non-profits and enterprise deliver ground-breaking services and products.
Professional. Our team consists of industry leading talent that are proven professionals with the world’s most famous brands and start-ups.
For good. We’re a non-profit and focused on applying design thinking to make your world a better place. All profits go back to helping community and the disadvantaged.

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